Sanar Myanmar

About Us

SaNaR (Save the Natural Resource) is a non-profit organization mainly focus on the natural resource governance in Shan State and was established in August 2018 with active CSOs members who really passion about the transparency, accountability and participation in decision making and accessing natural resource by the community members in Shan State.

SaNaR intended to mobilize the community members to aware that they are the one of the stakeholders of managing their resource in the relative area and advocate to the decision makers through by developing campaign strategy and evidence researches. There are (3) main program that SaNar would like to implement in the future.

  • – Community Mobilization about Land and Water Governance
  • – Community based research and Advocacy
  • – Networking and coordinated with CSOs, NGOs and INGOs relative with natural resource governance.

SaNaR intended not only raising the community voice but also making a space for them to dialogue with the decision makers, developer and authorities in the target area.

About Us


Community lead solution and implementation for their challenges by utilizing human and natural resource that existing in the local community

To value and protect the natural resources in Shan State


To support and maintain to secure local communities’ natural resource (water, land, forest and biodiversity)

To create space for local community in the decision making process in the implementing process of development projects without huge negative impact on local natural resource

To become a better natural resource governance practice and system in the local community


We value peace and development which are not hugely negative impact on local communities and environmental degradation

We seriously recognize and value the diversity regardless of ethnicity, culture, sex and disability

We value universal human rights and humanitarian

We value always preparation, evaluation and reflection of our work with fully accountability

What we do

Land and water governance program

Advocacy Campaigns program

Natural Resource and Peace Program


Social coherencies and development through by maintaining the nature resource in Shan State

Success Stories

SaNar got a joint-grant with Kyun Ta Htaung Myae Foundation in 2018 which intended to strengthen farmer’s organization and network to create a space for the participation in the policy dialogue. Recently SaNaR is organizing township level “public dialogue” between governmental departments, parliamentary and farmers representative from Kuhning, Mong Nae, Linkae and Mong Pan Township. Farmer representative will present their problems and difficult directly with the relative departments and parliamentary member in a constructive ways on Dec 19-20, 2018.

SaNaR lead the National network (Save the Salween Network) activity called “ThanLwin River Basin Environmental Conservation Photo Exhibition” in Taunggyi on Nov 14-22, 2018. Kyun Ta Htaung Myae and SaNar host and organized this even by cooperating with network members from Kayah, Karen and Mon State.
This event is one of the biggest events in Shan State that relative with Thanlwin River issues and successfully organized not only for event but also for future activities and strategy.

Partner Organization and Networks

SaNaR organized with individual CSOs members who had experiences in community development work for more than (5) years. Individuals has strong experiences in working as an organization or networking with other organizations which is the best strength to work together both local and international experts and other networks.

SaNaR is cooperating and collaboration with the following partner in Karenni(Kayar State), Mon State and Kayin State.

No. Local Organization International Organization Networks
1 Kyun Ta Htaung Myae Foundation (KTHM) People In Need Save the Salween Network (SSN)
2 Paung Ku Mekong Regional Land Group
3 Myanmar People Alliance Heinirich Boell Foundation (HBF)
4 Karen Enviornmental and Social Action Network (KESAN)
5 Loka Alinn